The journal Measurement Science and Technology has just announced the Outstanding Paper Awards for 2023 and the winner in the category of Optical and laser-based techniques is the paper by Joffray Guillory et al. entitled ‘An SI-traceable multilateration coordinate measurement system with half the uncertainty of a laser tracker‘ which is one of the papers… Read More

The LaVA project has now ended. The COVID-19 pandemic caused a 9 month delay in the project because the research labs and partners involved had to close their facilities and transition to working from home. This meant that there was effectively a 6 month pause in research activities followed by a 3 month ramp-up back… Read More

Peter Dröll, a Director at the EU Commission has tweeted about the LaVA project and its target of delivering new technology to enable Future Factory operation during events such as global pandemics. Metrology lies at the heart of manufacturing, and for factories to transition to the next level of autonomous operation, they need reliable measurements.… Read More

EURAMET has recently published a case study looking at the use of spin-out technology from the FSI system being developed in the LaVA project (with roots coming from the previous LUMINAR project. Download the Case Study document here to find out out Frequency Scanning Interferometry has been used for characterization of spacecraft engines during operation.… Read More

As well as attending 3DMC, LaVA partners are regular attendees at CMSC in the USA. If you would like to see leading edge research and large volume metrology capability and applications with an American flavor and have time available in July 2020, pop along to the 36th Annual Coordinate Metrology Society Conference in New Orleans.… Read More

To help oversee the project and give direction, we have a Stakeholder Committee. This is formed from experts from industry, academia, end users, metrology suppliers, from around the world. The committee members receive updates from the project and have a direct invitation to the end of project demonstrator. Under GDPR rules, we do not publish… Read More

It’s official, January 2020 saw our month 18 project meeting, hosted by INRIM in Torino, Italy. Month 18 is half way through our 36 month project. That means it’s time for a series of reviews and detailed planning for the end of project demonstrator.… Read More

Following on from the successful 3DMC conferences of previous years, which have featured training events, posters and presentations from LaVA project partners, the location for 3DMC is being planned. It is likely that the next event will be in Spain in autumn 2020 – check the 3DMC website for up to date information. See you… Read More

Several of the partners from the LaVA project will be at the 3DMC conference. Staff from LaVA partners NPL, PTB and WZL/RWTH Aachen are some of the organizers for 3DMC and other partners will be presenting their Large Volume Metrology research at the conference. Come join the LaVA team at 3DMC, Here East, London, 5-7… Read More

We had previously suggested that you keep your calendars clear for the week of 28 June to 2 July 2021 because the LaVA workshop, demonstrator and final meeting will be held at the laboratory of RWTH, Aachen. However,  in March 2020 all of our laboratories went into lockdown for several months and the research on… Read More