The aim of this WP is to  produce equipment and validated methods for evaluating the performance and compensating for the errors of large machine tools (> 50 m³); the cost and operability must be adequate to leave the equipment on board or on the shop floor.

In Task 5.1, we aim to overcome the difficulties of detecting reflected signals from the InPlanT system at large distances and to achieve an uncertainty of 5 µm at any distance of the target within a range of 5 m.

In Task 5.2, we will design and deliver the required mechanical adaptations to the large  machine tool testbed demonstrator in order that it can be integrated into dedicated measurement equipment. This task will use the InPlanT concept and develop the necessary mechanics and alignment methods to mechanically secure the rotary stage, to deliver the laser light to the rotary system and to detect the return beams.

In Task 5.3, we will develop the mathematics and modelling of the machine tool errors to the point that the measurements coming from the InPlanT system (from Task 5.2) can be processed and related to machine errors.

In Task 5.4, we will validate the InPlanT system from Task 5.2 together with the modelling software developed in Task 5.3.