We had previously suggested that you keep your calendars clear for the week of 28 June to 2 July 2021 because the LaVA workshop, demonstrator and final meeting will be held at the laboratory of RWTH, Aachen.

However,  in March 2020 all of our laboratories went into lockdown for several months and the research on LaVA mostly stopped for around 6 months. After negotiation, we have secured a 9 month extension to LaVA and so we will delay the end of project demonstrator by a similar period. The exact date is yet to be confirmed but with 9 months extension, we are able to move the demonstrator away from the 2021 Christmas/New Year period and into Spring 2022.

The web page will be updated when we have more news/

At the end of the LaVA project, many of the technologies created by the project partners will be demonstrated working together in a simulated factory network. The demonstrator will be set up in the large volume facility at WZL, Aachen. The end of project workshop will take place nearby on the days following the demonstrator.