NPL NPL is the coordinator of the LaVA project and leader of WP1 on HCN spectroscopy. NPL is the National Metrology Institute for the United Kingdom.
CNAM CNAM is one of the metrology institutes of France and leads WP3 where they bring their experience of long distance metrology and refractive index compensation.
GUM GUM is the National Metrology Institute for Poland and takes part in several research themes and work packages and contributes laboratory facilities with controlled variable temperature and line of sight refractive index measuring capability.
INRiM INRIM, the NMI for Italy,  brings directly its InPLanT system which has been demonstrated to FIDIA. INRIM will thus work closely with FIDIA and will take position as leaders of WP5.
 LNE has strong links with national companies in the automotive, aerospace, optical and energy industries. LNE and CNAM will be involved closely in WP2 and WP3.
RISE is an NMI with a strong industrial connection and has been a driving force in the introduction of applied LVM to industry since the 1990’s. RISE takes part mainly in WP1.
VTT MIKES Metrology VTT MIKES brings a  knowledge and equipment developed in the previous EMRP Surveying project (a very long range spectroscopic-based refractive index measuring system). They have a close working relationship with MAPVISION with whom they will work in WP2.
FIDIA are Italian manufacturers of large machine tools with close links to INRIM. They seek integration of novel systems into machine tools and wish to integrate the InPlanT-derived metrology system, which will be developed in LaVA, into one of their machine tools as a live demonstrator.
IK4 TEKNIKER have access to a wide range of leading edge LVM instruments and data analysis and control software. They have been a leading proponent of the metrology to be developed in LaVA and have asked to lead WP2.
ISI bring a wide range of optical design and manufacturing skills together with a range of laser frequency metrology systems such optical frequency combs and frequency stabilised lasers. They will thus work closely with NPL in WP1.
The Laboratory for Machine Tools and Production Engineering (WZL) at RWTH brings research expertise in control of production processes & management of inspection tasks, mobile 3D & image based metrology, and metrology assisted assembly. They have a 600 m² shop floor. They will lead WP4, forming a focus point for many of the partners for the demonstrator activities.
MAPVISION has been the pioneer of multi-camera inspection technology for decades with their customers using the technology in many special applications, from shipbuilding to mobile phone covers and jet fighter wings. They will work closely with VTT and other WP2 members.
SAAB is a global organisation which, in the context of LVM, is both a supplier of parts and assemblies to large aircraft corporations such as Airbus and Boeing and also an innovator, seeking new technologies for improving manufacturing. Within LaVA,  SAAB offers a typical aerospace measurement scenario as a demonstrator location.


Partner photograph at the Kick-off meeting



Partner photograph at the M9 meeting


Partner photograph at the M18 meeting