The aim of this WP is to  develop models to simulate self-organising production and assembly based on digital information from process-integrated measurement systems and to apply these methods to other project outputs to produce an industrial scenario demonstrator. This WP will deliver the simulation, modelling and interfacing work which is in preparation for linking the outcomes of WP1, WP2 and WP3 in an industrial demonstrator scenario.

In Task 4.1, we will define the necessary characteristics that metrology oriented models of both production processes and LVM devices must contain and how these should be represented digitally.

In Task 4.2, we will create a unified interface applicable to general LVM devices such as the instruments developed by project partners (NPL’s improved FSI system, TEKNIKER’s photogrammetry system, and LNE/CNAM’s low cost system).

in Task 4.3, we will implement demonstrator activities representing typical industrial scenarios and demonstrations of the outputs of the project, including the improved FSI as outcome of WP1, the novel LVM systems and refractive index measurements as outcomes of WP2 and WP3 with the digital models and process controls elaborated in Task 4.1 and the unified interface from Task 4.2.