The aim of the WP is to develop novel and validated LVM methods for simultaneous metrology of multiple items at different scales and accuracies including: (i) close range precision tracking of robotic systems, (ii) medium accuracy 3D positioning within whole factory volumes and adjustable accuracy tracking for AGV carrying workpieces.

In Task 2.1, we will develop novel traceable and accurate photogrammetry systems to ensure in-line 3D inspection of medium and large mechanical parts for automotive, aircraft, etc. The first (i-a) system will be a compact system dedicated for accurate in-line local 3D inspection. It will be integrated on a moveable industrial robot to scan unmovable medium and large mechanical parts.
The second (i-b) system will be a further development of an existing multi-camera method. The multi-camera set up consists of a group of fixed cameras and is tolerant to errors related to the use of individual cameras.

In Task 2.2, we will develop different techniques enabling positioning of moving objects, in a large factory. Firstly, system (ii-a), a reference 3D position measurement prototype, including air index compensation will be developed. The system will be based on a telemetry concept already developed in previous projects (IND53 LUMINAR and SIB60 SURVEYING) and will be used in static mode to estimate uncertainties of different commercial positioning systems, used for the demonstrator setup in WP4.  Secondly, a low cost 3D position measuring system, system (ii-b), will be developed for the real-time 3D tracking of moving objects in large volumes. The technology used for this solution will be mainly photogrammetry and, if feasible, will be combined with computer vision for feature extraction of the selected objects.

In Task 2.3, we will investigate advanced robust data fusion and stitching algorithms as well as filtering algorithms for the analysis of measurement datasets acquired by the developed traceable photogrammetry systems in Tasks 2.1 and 2.2.