Gressoney-La-Trinité, Aosta Valley, Italy
10th – 14th September, 2018

Tutorial lectures

  Speaker Tutorial
1 Rachel Godun, NPL Trapped ion optical clocks
2 Patrizia Tavella, BIPM Time scales
3 Tetsuya Ido, NICT Optical lattice clocks and time scale as an application
4 Ekkehard Peik, PTB Towards an optical nuclear clock; Generalized Ramsey interrogation schemes
5 Yann Le Coq, LNE-SYRTE Optical frequency measurements and frequency combs
6 Davide Calonico, INRIM Coherent optical fibre links in physics and metrology
7 Jakob Reichel, LKB Trapped atom clock on a chip: a testbed for the quantum physics of clocks
8 Carlo Sias, INRIM/LENS Ion-atom physics
9 Christian Lisdat, PTB (Transportable) optical lattice clocks



Video – Walking in Aosta Valley