The project will seek to maximize the impact of this project within the European community (and the wider community via work with other NMIs around the word working on LVM, and at conferences outside Europe), with a strong focus on industrial needs. A key part of creating impact is the two-way process of knowledge transfer – ensuring the needs of industry focus the research of the project and ensuring the outputs of the project are taken up by industry. The anticipated stakeholder community is mainly from high value industries such as aerospace, automotive, civil engineering, power generation and fundamental science, but links with standardization and regulation bodies, equipment suppliers, instrumentation manufacturers and upcoming SMEs are also important. Given that the project will develop several new measuring systems and techniques, there will be a strong need to ensure that these continue to be used and exploited after the lifetime of the project by managing the generated IP through patents, licenses and open access information (as applicable) in addition to making the stakeholder community aware of the outputs of the project.

Improving project awareness will start from month 1 of the project by advertising the project’s goals and aims via the publishable summary and via the external project website. The project visibility will be increased throughout the entire duration by updates to the website, dissemination of reports through the Stakeholder Committee, published papers in peer-reviewed journals, sci-social media, trade magazine articles, presentations at conferences, and representation on standardization committees. The Stakeholder Committee further strengthen the industrial focus of the project.