The aim of this work package is to produce low-cost photogrammetry-based systems for very large volumes with elevated dynamic capability (up to 10 m/s) and high frame rate (> 100 Hz) capable of tracking large numbers of mobile entities (e.g. AGVs, drones and mobile robots) and allowing adaptive real time synchronization of virtualized and real factories for cloud-based coordination of complex automation systems.

In Tasks 2.1 and 2.2, additional low-cost cameras capable of running at >100 Hz, will be incorporated into the existing photogrammetric infrastructure at UCL, which has been optimized to achieve sub-mm capability. The outcomes from Task 2.1 will be rolled into the common hardware and software of the existing 4 Hz system. This new capability will support timing and simultaneous multi-6DoF object tracking at different temporal rates in Task 2.2. The 100 Hz components of the system will then be used in conjunction with two photogrammetric systems (a multicamera approach and the VSET® mobile system) from partner IDEKO, who will lead on accuracy and machine tool metrology capabilities testing in Task 2.3.

In Task 2.3, IDEKO’s experience in conducting CMM based validation tests with experimental work will be used to determine the accuracy limits of low-cost photogrammetry against the stringent requirements of machine tool metrology.