Dynamic applications of Metrology in Industry of Tomorrow Environments

Large Volume Metrology (LVM) is a critical requirement in many high value industries where the EU is globally competitive. The overall aim of the project is to provide fundamental metrology that will enable the Digitalization of European advanced manufacturing, especially in the aerospace and automotive industries. This project will deliver improved, dynamic-capable and traceable measuring systems for operational use, as LVM tools & technologies allowing integration of these tools into reconfigurable factory coordinate metrology networks, that can function in typical & harsh factory environments. The project results will offer industrial-level speed capability, with the ability to interface with production and assembly process control with reduced latency synchronization which will lead to efficiency and cost improvements in industries reliant on LVM; this will enable automation beyond the current state of the art, which is mostly automation by simple repetition.

The project follows on from the previous LaVA and LUMINAR projects.