NPL NPL is the coordinator of the DynaMITE project and leader of WP1 on dynamic frequency scanning interferometry, WP6 on creating impact and the management and coordination. NPL is the National Metrology Institute for the United Kingdom.
CNAM CNAM is one of the metrology institutes of France and leads WP5 on multi-partner demonstration activities where they will also be collaborating with LIRMM using the telemeter technology which they will develop in the project.
GUM GUM is the National Metrology Institute for Poland and takes part in several research themes and work packages and contributes laboratory facilities with controlled variable temperature and line of sight refractive index measuring capability. They also will be performing evaluation of Ultra-WideBand technologies.
PTB brings in a proven record in the development of fast heterodyne multi-wavelength interferometers and their application to challenges in large-scale dimensional metrology. PTB leads WP4 on dynamic machine tool improvements.
RISE is an NMI with a strong industrial connection and has been a driving force in the introduction of applied LVM to industry since the 1990’s. RISE takes part in three WPs, working on dynamic FSI, dynamic IoT architectures, and multi-partner demonstrations.
VTT MIKES Metrology VTT MIKES brings a range of skills in researching, designing and delivering metrology systems including time synchronization network technology expertise and reference moving actuator design experience.
The Laboratory for Machine Tools and Production Engineering (WZL) at RWTH brings research expertise in control of production processes & management of inspection tasks, mobile 3D & image based metrology, and metrology assisted assembly. They have a 600 m² shop floor. They will lead WP3.
IDEKO brings a wealth of knowledge in metrology for advanced manufacturing and industrial production covering sectors including aerospace, rail transport, robotics, machining, and Future Factories. Specifically, they bring expertise in industrial photogrammetry systems for machine tool monitoring and error mapping.
The University of Bath brings a wealth of expertise and knowledge from working closely with aircraft manufacturers. They have delivered several research projects for Airbus and Rolls-Royce and have an in-depth knowledge of the problems encountered in LVM in aerospace assembly as well as skills in implementing real-time control of robotic systems. They undertake the majority of the work associated with the low latency data connection into dynamic robotic systems control.
University College London takes part mainly in, and leads, WP2 on dynamic low-cost photogrammetry systems. UCL brings extensive experience in the subject of photogrammetry and sensor networks. They have their own in-house developed photogrammetric systems and bundle adjustment software that give the advanced foundation to deliver against the challenges of this JRP, as well as access to a large range of photogrammetry cameras.
The Montpellier Computer, Robotics and Microelectronics Laboratory (LIRMM) is an unfunded partner and mainly takes part in the demonstration activities in WP5, working alongside CNAM. They notably offer a demonstrator location with unique robotics systems including a large-volume redundantly actuated cable-suspended parallel robot, of global dimensions 15 m × 11 m × 6 m (length × width × height) and 500 kg payload capability.