The aim of this work package is to provide a framework in which several strands of work from various partners can be brought together to produce several demonstrations of the outputs of the project work, in a mixture of applications scenarios. To facilitate the work on Deliverable 7 (summary of the project’s outputs) the project will need demonstrators and data which can be presented at the end of project workshop. DynaMITE will adopt a risk minimization strategy of having separate, multiple demonstration activities, with the exact timings and locations decided in the project. The outputs of the demonstration activities will then be presented at the end of project workshop.

Task 5.1 will develop a multi-head telemeter system to be used in the first demonstrator in Task 5.2.

In Task 5.2, the first demonstrator links together photogrammetry from IDEKO and UCL with the multi-head telemeter system from CNAM which is developed in Task 5.1. The cable robot at CNRS is used as a location for the demonstrator.

In Task 5.3, the second demonstrator is built by RISE, VTT and RWTH to show the implementation and benefits of the low-cost, time-aware synchronization and communication technologies developed in WP3 by setting up a measurement campaign for a moving set of targets.

In Task 5.4, the third demonstrator features a virtual reference cube, with the design led by GUM, used at PTB’s large CMM with measurements made using photogrammetry systems.