The project is nearly at the half-way point (February 2023) and is preparing the documents for the progress reporting and the Mid-Term review. Full details will appear here when the reports have been signed off, but as a ‘preview’ we are pleased to report the following.

The project is broadly on track, with some items brought forwards to compensate for some items that were initially delayed. We have delivered several items in line with the contract:

  • 3 conference presentations or posters
  • 1 dissemination activity
  • 2 open access peer reviewed journal papers (1 of which is multi-national)
  • 14 inputs to standardization committees
  • 1 external training activity
  • 4 examples of end user uptake
  • the Stakeholder committee has been setup (14 members so far)

Here are some further details:

  • 1 commercial copy of NPL’s FSI hardware (OPTIMUM) has been supplied, 1 further copy is being built:
    • OPTIMUM delivered to Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (Wales, UK)
    • – will be updated to dynamic capability at later date thanks to DynaMITE
    • OPTIMUM to be supplied to Advanced Machinery and Productivity Institute (NW UK)
  • 2 new R&T photogrammetry systems delivered with 1 more in preparation:
    • National Composites Centre (UK)
    • Airbus (UK)
  • A training session has been delivered at CMSC on optimized use of laser trackers
  • DynaMITE partners are co-chairing the 3DMC conference and a successful 2022 conference has taken place