Successful Stakeholder Catch-Up Meeting for STELLAR

A successful stakeholder catch-up meeting for the STELLAR project was held last week. Project Co-Ordinator Ruth Pearce (NPL) took the stakeholders through an introduction to the project, and this was followed by presentations on WP1 (Next generation carbon dioxide isotope ratio gas reference materials) by Harro Meijer, RUG; WP2 (First time isotope ratio gas reference materials for δ13CH4 and δ2H-CH4) by Stefan Persijn, VSL; WP3 (Advancing optical isotope ratio spectroscopy for carbon dioxide and methane) by Jelka Braden-Behrens, PTB and WP4 (Creating Impact) by Garry Hensey, NPL.

After the work package presentations and discussions, there was further discussion with the stakeholders regarding the output of the project and future opportunities. The stakeholders attending was from a diverse range of sectors (metrology, academia and industry) with notable contributions to the discussion from members of institutes BIPM, NOAA Global Monitoring Division, Licor and INSTAAR, University of Colorado.

You can watch detail from the meeting above. The presentations from the meeting are available from our Documents & Publications page.


A successful Kick Off meeting for STELLAR


A successful Kick Off meeting for the STELLAR Project was held by NPL on the 17 September. Due to the current pandemic situation, the meeting was held online with all project partners in attendance.