Creating impact

The aim of this work package is to ensure that the research outputs are disseminated and clearly communicated to stakeholders and end-users to ensure maximum impact and uptake. It is also to engage with stakeholders to ensure they shape the strategic direction of the project to meet their needs.
The JRP will address the need for new mechanisms to disseminate and maintain continuity to the existing delta scales for carbon dioxide and methane. In addition, it will deliver field-deployable spectroscopy to work towards the long-term goal of meeting the precision specification of mass spectrometry (0.01 ‰) and initiate SI traceability of the international carbon dioxide isotope ratio scale by re-measuring the absolute isotope ratios by high-resolution gas-source isotope ratio mass spectrometry.
This JRP will disseminate new reference materials, calibration methods and instruments to laboratories involved in the atmospheric monitoring and methods for harmonising calibration practices and uncertainty evaluation to the global monitoring networks and other stakeholders.