A webinar was held to discuss the results of the ongoing SupraEMI project at its halfway stage. The 2-hour meeting was attended by some 70 industry and standardisation experts. The presentations from the meeting are available for individual download using the hyperlinks in the agenda below.

When: 11th November 2020 at 10h UTC to 12h UTC (11h CET to 13h CET).


  1. The problem of 2-150kHz conducted EMI in public electricity networks.
    Paul Wright NPL. (15 mins)
  2. Characterisation of different types of emission in the range 2-150kHz.
    Alex Gallarreta, UPV/EHU (15 mins)
  3. A review and comparison of published 2-150kHz measurement methods.
    Deborah Ritzmann, NPL (15 mins)
  4. Adapting the CISPR 16 standard for power quality measurements.
    Stefano Lodetti, NPL (15 mins)
  5. Application of measurement methods to long-term measurements in public low voltage network.
    Victor Khokhlov, TUD (15 mins)
  6. Mains impedance measurements and defining Artificial Mains Networks for 2-150kHz EMC testing.
    Jan Meyer, TUD (15 mins)

Victor Khokhlov, TU Dresden, DE.,
Jan Meyer, TU Dresden, DE.,
Deborah Ritzmann, National Physical Laboratory, UK,
Stefano Lodetti, National Physical Laboratory, UK,
Alex Gallarreta, UPV/EHU, ES.,
Paul Wright, National Physical Laboratory, UK.

The meeting was part of the project 18NRM05 SupraEMI which has received funding from the EMPIR programme co-financed by the Participating States and from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme.