WP4: Creating Impact

The aim of this work package is to ensure that the project results are provided to QKD stakeholders and end-users in a timely and appropriate manner, and that input and feedback is also obtained from them. These are the primary beneficiaries of this project, but the wider community exploiting single-photon states will also benefit from the methods, devices, calibration facilities and measurement protocols developed by this project.

Task 4.1 Knowledge Transfer

The aim task 4.1 is to ensure that the results achieved by the project are adequately and appropriately communicated to the stakeholders and end-user community, including standards organisations, and that input and feedback is obtained from this community. The possibility of establishing a “Joint Virtual European Metrology Centre for Quantum Photonics” between the NMI partners will be investigated.

Task 4.2 Training

The aim of task 4.2 is to provide training to industrial developers, measurement laboratories, users, and standards bodies. This will be performed through this project website, and by seminars and lectures.

Task 4.3 Uptake and Exploitation

The aim of task 4.3 is to ensure that the results of this project provide the maximum benefit to the QKD, single-photon, and wider, communities. This will be achieved by converting intellectual property into new products for the implementation and testing of QKD systems.

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