WP3: Metrology for next generation (entanglement-based) QKD

The aim of this work package is to foster the development of a measurement infrastructure for entanglement-based (next-generation) QKD systems such as device-independent, measurement device-independent and reference-frame independent QKD.

Task 3.1: Entanglement and quantumness quantification

The aim of this task is to develop metrics and measurement apparatus for rigorous quantification of entanglement for those families of quantum states that are relevant in QKD protocols.

Task 3.2: Metrology for next generation QKD: DI-QKD, MDI-QKD and RFI-QKD, and encoding in new degree of freedom

The aim of this task is to investigate and develop metrological tools that are building blocks for the characterisation of components and parameters of interest for newer forms of QKD. In addition, the potential of using non-conventional codifying degrees of freedom in fibres, in particular spatial ones, will be investigated with the aim of enhancing the channel capacity.

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