WP1: Counter-measures and novel optical components for commercial fibre-based QKD

The aim of this work package is to characterise and validate counter-measures to side-channel and Trojan-horse attacks in order to ensure the security of fibre-based QKD systems. This activity is carried on in strict collaboration with the ETSI Industry Specification Group on QKD.

Task 1.1: Characterising counter-measures to Trojan-horse and side-channel attacks

The aim of task 1.1 is to experimentally characterise and verify counter-measures to Trojan-horse and side-channel attacks, and develop devices for these purposes. The task will focus on components and counter-measures for commercial fibre-based QKD systems: components will be characterised to assess their vulnerability to such attacks, and a security proof which takes account of information leakage after the application of counter-measures in the prepare-and-measure architecture will be researched. This task will require the development of new measurement facilities and procedures to support the development of measurement protocols and standards in co-operation with companies and standardisation bodies active in this field.

Task 1.2: Characterising novel high-rate single-photon detectors for fibre based QKD

The aim of task 1.2 is to focus on a new type of high-count-rate single-photon detector for fibre-based QKD driven by very narrow gate signals (few hundreds of picoseconds) to minimise after-pulsing. Specific measurement techniques will be developed for their characterisation.

Task 1.3: Validation of facilities by measuring two key measurands (the detection efficiency of single-photon detectors and Glauber second-order auto-correlation function of a pseudo single-photon source) at the telecom wavelength (1550 nm)

The aim of task 1.3 is to validate the new measurement facilities by carrying out comparisons of selected measurands among the consortium.


A progress report on this Workpackage may be found on the Training page

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