One of the objectives in the ISO GScope project is to lead and undertake 4 international interlaboratory studies.  These will be used to test and validate the methods being developed in the project that will form the basis of the ISO standards on methods to measure graphene related two-dimensional material flakes. The four international interlaboratory… Read More

The ISO GScope consortium is working with international experts from NIM China to help develop international standards in the measurement of graphene oxide. At the recent ISO TC229 (nanotechnologies) meeting the measurement and characterisation working group (JWG2) agreed to launch a new work item ballot on ISO/PWI 23879 ‘Nanotechnologies – Structural characterisation of graphene oxide… Read More

The ISO GSCope consortium have had their draft ISO standard approved as an official new ISO work item in ISO TC229 (nanotechnologies).  This document was drafted over the last year with the help of consortium members and other international experts especially including those from China and Australia. The document is entitled “ISO/PWI 23359 ‘Nanotechnologies –… Read More

March 2021:  NPL in collaboration with international partners have published an ISO/IEC standard: “An international standard for industry to verify “graphene” products” National Physical Laboratory (NPL) develop ISO/IEC standard for measuring the structural properties of graphene The ISO/IEC standard allows the supply chain to answer the question ‘what is my material? New standard will make… Read More