March 2021:  NPL in collaboration with international partners have published an ISO/IEC standard: “An international standard for industry to verify “graphene” products”

  • National Physical Laboratory (NPL) develop ISO/IEC standard for measuring the structural properties of graphene
  • The ISO/IEC standard allows the supply chain to answer the question ‘what is my material?
  • New standard will make it possible for commercially available material to be correctly labelled as graphene;
For more information please click on this link.

15 March 2021:  Article published in Nature Reviews Physics. “The importance of international standards for the graphene community”.  

(Charles A. Clifford, Erlon H. Martins Ferreira, Toshiyuki Fujimoto, Jan Herrmann, Angela R. Hight Walker, Denis Koltsov, Christian Punckt, Lingling Ren, Gregory J. Smallwood & Andrew J. Pollard)

The article can be found via this link.