To validate and standardise measurement and characterisation methods for the chemical and structural properties of graphene in powders and liquid dispersions for industrial applications.

To lead and contribute to three standards:

“ISO DTS 21356-1 Nanotechnologies – Structural characterisation of graphene: Part 1: Graphene from powders and liquid dispersions”.

ISO/PWI 23359 “Nanotechnologies – Chemical characterisation for graphene in powders and suspensions”

ISO/PWI 23879 “Nanotechnologies – Structural characterisation of graphene oxide flakes: thickness and lateral size measurement using AFM and SEM”.

To undertake four international interlaboratory studies under VAMAS

XPS of functionalised graphene

AFM and SEM (combined) on graphene flakes

Raman spectroscopy of graphene flakes

SEM of graphene oxide

To work closely with the European and International Standards Developing Organisations and the end users of the Standards, including the Graphene Flagship, to ensure that the outputs of the project are aligned with their needs and incorporated into Standards at the very earliest opportunity.