Management and Coordination

The aim of this work package is to provide management and leadership in order to ensure the successful delivery of the project, both for the consortium and also for EURAMET.

In this project the activities will be overseen by the Project Management Board, which will be made up of the coordinator LNE and two representatives from each partner; including the leaders of each work package:

  • The Project Management Board will set the policy and direction for the project and ensure the effective implementation of the program of work to ensure that agreed deliverables are met.
  • The Project Management Board members will hold an annual management meeting with the relevant task leaders for their WPs, to review and report progress against the agreed schedule of work.
  • The Project Management Board will include some members of the Stakeholder Committee, comprising key stakeholders within the semiconductor industry and the instrumentation community, to obtain an external perspective on the operations and output of the project, as well as guidance on the future direction, and critical assessment of the project’s performance.

Partners will use the LNE web-portal platform to facilitate in-project communications, paper writing and reporting. Each partner will have personal access codes to the shared folders dedicated to this project. The progress of the project will be monitored against the project Gantt chart. The project will be managed proactively with regular video or phone conferences and email. Progress meetings will rotate between partners and, as a minimum, the project management board members will be expected to attend all progress meetings and contribute to all WP progress reports.