Creating Impact

The aim of this work package is to ensure a broad impact of this project within the European community of stakeholders. To reach this goal, a Stakeholder Committee will be formed to progressively provide feedback on the relevance of the different metrology techniques and methodologies developed during the lifetime of the project.

In order to ensure dissemination to industry, academia and standards bodies, the project will organise industrial workshops, attend technical and scientific conferences and publish results in international peer-reviewed scientific journals and appropriate trade press.

A particular focus of the project will be to deliver good practice and pre-standards to the community of stakeholders and standardisation bodies. The consortium already has strong links with advisory and standardisation committees. These include: SEMI standards Working Groups for 3D integration (SEMI 3DS-IC), for nanoelectronics (IEC/TC113 and ISO/229), for surface chemical analysis (ISO/TC201), CATRENE (Cluster for Application and Technology Research in Europe on Nanoelectrics) support group; Co-Nanomet (European nanometrology group).

Ultra high Vacuum Scanning Probe Microscope at NPL

Ultra high Vacuum Scanning Probe Microscope at NPL (image courtesy of NPL)