Date: 25 September 2017

Venue: CEA Leti


  • Elena Dilonardo (CNR-Italy): ‘Analysis and Visualization of Materials by X-ray nano-Computed Tomography (nano-CT)’ and ‘Laboratory Information Metrology Management System’ (via Skype entreprise)
  • Carlos Beitia (CEA): ‘Die level topography traceability measurements challenges’
  • José Moran (LNE): ‘Combined AFM/STM microscopy based on a quartz tuning fork sensor: surface morphology and electrical properties of materials’
  • Gaoliang Dai (PTB): ‘Progress in developing reference metrology on curvature, surface roughness and flatness at die level’
  •  Yves Kayser (PTB): ‘Reference-free X-ray spectrometry for 3D heterogeneous integration technology’