A waveform library which contains recorded and synthesised waveforms is available here http://empir.npl.co.uk/supraemi/waveform-library/ .  The waveforms are intended as a resource for researchers and algorithm developers.  A document is included for each waveform in the library describing the recording scenario together with file formats and how the associated waveform data file was produced.  … Read More

The latest summary of the SupraEMI project and it its research outcomes so far are summarized in in the publishable summary document that has just been released and is available here.… Read More

11th December 2020: The project team have working to establish a new method to be used as an industry standard for 2 to 150kHz grid measurements.  This involves hardware development, traceability methods and algorithm development and selection.  Five new open access (free to download) peer reviewed publications describe our work to date and these can… Read More

18th November 2020: The SupraEMI project has setup a data repository where we will deposit captured waveform data and/or frequency spectra for 2-150kHz emissions.  These waveforms will be captured from various equipment connected to the electricity supply.  The waveforms a free to use for R&D purposes such as testing algorithms or understanding emissions (but we… Read More

Two papers were presented to the Conference for Precision Electromagnetic Metrology (CPEM 2020).  One paper described a new real-time algorithm to measure supra harmonics in the frequency range 2-150kHz which will be used to measure conducted interference on the electricity network. This interference is often caused by renewable energy and EV power convertors which leads… Read More

The project presented a comparison of 2-150kHz measurement algorithms, reviewing them in terms of accuracy, reproducibility, and computational cost.  Methods of long term measurements were also discussed.  Various use cases were presented to categorize different types of emissions.… Read More

The project presented its initial ideas to IEC SC77A WG9 on power quality measurements. This committee is responsible for the redefinition of IEC61000-4-30 on power quality measurements and will include a new method for 2 to 150 kHz measurements as part of a new normative Annex C. The project team is now reviewing suitable algorithms… Read More

The project team has held a webinar for conveners of several IEC working groups to discuss the project objectives and to give the IEC experts an opportunity to influence the direction of the work of the project.… Read More