The SupraEMI project won a best paper award at the CIRED conference in September.  CIRED is the premier international conference for the electricity distribution industry and is widely attended by industry engineers and academics.  The award was won by Victor Khokhlov of the Technische Universitaet Dresden for his work leading this collaborative paper “APPLICATION OF MEASUREMENT METHODS FOR THE FREQUENCY RANGE 2-150 KHZ TO LONG-TERM MEASUREMENTS IN PUBLIC LOW VOLTAGE NETWORKS”.


The citation for the award reads “Application of measurement methods for the frequency range 2-150 kHz to long-term measurements in public low voltage networks” (paper 438) receives the best young academic paper award. The paper deals with a very actual topic, building a bridge between systematic scientific research an practical application. It has provided highly valuable input to be included in the next edition of IEC 61000-4-30.” Work described in the paper is the central theme and objective of this normative project.


A link for this open access paper will be available in the near future.