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Final Publishable Report


Guidelines on the evaluation and reporting of correlation coefficients between frequency ratio measurements (deliverable D3)
Helen Margolis and Marco Pizzocaro
(July 2020)


Coherent optical-fiber link across Italy and France
C. Clivati, M. Pizzocaro, E. K. Bertacco, S. Condio, G. A. Costanzo, S. Donadello, I. Goti, M. Gozzelino, F. Levi, A. Mura, M. Risaro, D. Calonico, M. Tønnes, B. Pointard, M. Mazouth-Laurol, R. Le Targat, M. Abgrall, M. Lours, H. Le Goff, L. Lorini, P.-E. Pottie, E. Cantin, O. Lopez, C. Chardonnet, and A. Amy-Klein
Phys. Rev. Applied 18, 054009 (2022)
Associated dataset

Coherent fiber links operated for years: effect of missing data
M. B. K. Tønnes, F. Schuller, E. Cantin, O. Lopez, R. Le Targat, A. Amy-Klein and P.-E. Pottie
Metrologia 59, 065004(2022)
Associated dataset

High-accuracy determination of Paul-trap stability parameters for electric-quadrupole-shift prediction
T. Lindvall, K. J. Hanhijärvi, T. Fordell and A. E. Wallin
Journal of Applied Physics 132, 124401 (2022)
Open access version
Associated dataset

Robustness tests for an optical time scale
V. Formichella, L. Galleani, G. Signorile and I. Sesia
Metrologia 59, 015002 (2022)
Associated dataset

Comparing ultrastable lasers at 7×10-17 fractional frequency instability through a 2220 km optical fibre network
M. Schioppo. J. Kronjäger, A. Silva, R. Ilieva, J. W. Paterson, C. F. A. Baynham, W. Bowden, I. R. Hill, R. Hobson, A. Vianello, M. Dovale-Álvarez,  R. A. Williams, G. Marra, H. S. Margolis, A. Amy-Klein, O. Lopez, E. Cantin, H. Álvarez-Martínez, R. Le Targat, P. E. Pottie, N. Quintin, T. Legero, S. Häfner, U. Sterr, R. Schwarz, S. Dörscher, C. Lisdat, S. Koke, A. Kuhl, T. Waterholter, E. Benkler and G. Grosche
Nature Communications 13, 212 (2022)
Associated dataset

Blackbody radiation shift in strontium lattice clocks revisited
C. Lisdat, S. Dörscher, I. Nosske and U. Sterr
Phys. Rev. Research 3, L042036 (2021)
Associated dataset

Intercontinental comparison of optical atomic clocks through very long baseline interferometry
M. Pizzocaro, M. Sekido, K. Takefuji, H. Ujihara, H. Hachisu, N. Nemitz, M. Tsutsumi, T. Kondo, E. Kawai, R. Ichikawa, K. Namba, Y. Okamoto, R. Takahashi, J. Komuro, C. Clivati, F. Bregolin, P. Barbieri, A. Mura, E. Cantoni, G. Cerretto, F. Levi, G. Maccaferri, M. Roma, C. Bortolotti, M. Negusini, R. Ricci, G. Zacchiroli, J. Roda, J. Leute, G. Petit, F. Perini, D. Calonico and T. Ido
Nature Physics 17, 223 – 227 (2021)
Associated dataset

Improved limits for violations of local position invariance from atomic clock comparisons
R. Lange, N. Huntemann, J. M. Rahn, C. Sanner, H. Shao, B. Lipphardt, C. Tamm, S. Weyers and E. Peik
Physical Review Letters 126, 011102 (2021)
Associated dataset

Optical frequency ratio of a 171Yb+ single-ion clock and a 87Sr lattice clock
S. Dörscher, N. Huntemann, R. Schwarz, R. Lange, E. Benkler, B. Lipphardt, U. Sterr, E. Peik and C. Lisdat
Metrologia 58, 015005 (2021)
Associated dataset

Universal formalism for data sharing and processing in clock comparison networks
J. Jodewyck, R. Le Targat, P.-E. Pottie, E. Benkler, S. Koke and J. Kronjäger
Physical Review Research 2, 043269 (2020)

Coherent suppression of tensor frequency shifts through magnetic field rotation
R. Lange, N. Huntemann, C. Sanner, H. Shao, B. Lipphardt, C. Tamm and E. Peik
Physical Review Letters 125, 143201 (2020)
Associated dataset

Long term measurement of the 87Sr clock frequency at the limit of primary Cs clocks
R. Schwarz, S. Dörscher, A. Al-Masoudi, E. Benkler, T. Legero, U. Sterr, S. Weyers, J. Rahm, B. Lipphardt and C. Lisdat
Physical Review Research 2, 033242 (2020)
Associated dataset

Coherent excitation of the highly forbidden electric octupole transition in 172Yb+
H. A. Fürst, C.-H. Yeh, D. Kalincev, A. P. Kulosa, L. S. Dreissen, R. Lange, E. Benkler, N. Huntemann, E. Peik and T. E. Mehlstäubler
Physical Review Letters 125, 163001 (2020)
Associated dataset

Absolute frequency measurement of the 1S03P0 transition of 171Yb with a link to International Atomic Time
M. Pizzocaro, F. Bregolin, P. Barbieri, B. Rauf, F. Levi and D. Calonico
Metrologia 57, 035007 (2020)
Associated dataset

End-to-end topology for fiber comb based optical frequency transfer at the 10-21 level
E. Benkler, B. Lipphardt, T. Puppe, R. Wilk, R. Rohde and U. Sterr
Optics Express 27, 36886 – 36902 (2019)
Associated dataset


Reducing the statistical and systematic uncertainty of the VTT MIKES 88Sr+ ion clock
Lauri Seppäläinen
Master thesis in physics, Aalto University, Finland

Optical lattice clock with an amplified laser diode
Stefano Condio
Master thesis in physics, University of Torino, Italy


A brief history of timekeeping (given by Helen Margolis as part of the 2021 Orkney International Science Festival)

Optical lattice clocks at NPL (seminar by William Bowden)

Funding statement: This project 18SIB05 ROCIT has received funding from the EMPIR programme co-financed by the Participating States and from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme.

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