The ROCIT consortium will be hosting a 2-day online workshop on 19th and 20th October 2022. The workshop will focus on the findings and results of our project, which has been working towards many of the milestones in the international roadmap towards a redefinition of the SI second. Topics covered will include improvements to the robustness and reliability of optical clocks, validation of optical clocks through international comparisons, and the use of optical clocks in International Atomic Time (TAI) and UTC(k) time scales.

The workshop is free to attend, but pre-registration is required.



(All times listed are UTC)

Day 1 (19th October)

08:00 Welcome and opening remarksMichal Zawada, UMK

Chair: Michal Zawada
08:10  Roadmap towards a redefinition of the second Patrizia Tavella, BIPM
08:40  Overview of the ROCIT project Helen Margolis, NPL
09:10  BREAK
Chair: Rachel Godun
09:30  Robust optical clocks with on-the-fly systematic corrections Nils Huntemann, PTB
10:00  Contribution to International Atomic Time by an Yb optical lattice clock with high uptime Takumi Kobayashi, NMIJ
10:30  BREAK
Chair: Marco Pizzocaro
11:20  Validating optical clock data on the fly Rodolphe Le Targat, LNE-SYRTE
11:50  Algorithms for steering UTC(k) time scales using optical clocks Ilaria Sesia, INRIM
12:20  UTCx(k): steering UTC(k) with optical clocks Michel Abgrall, LNE-SYRTE
12:50  BREAK
13:00  Discussions and posters in Gather.Town

Day 2 (20th October)

Chair: Nils Huntemann
08:00 VTT MIKES 88Sr+ single-ion optical clock Thomas Lindvall, VTT
08:20 In+ multi-ion optical clock operation with 10-18-level systematic uncertainty Jonas Keller, LUH
08:40 A coherent optical fibre link between France and Italy Anne Amy-Klein, LPL
09:00 International clock comparison campaigns Rachel Godun, NPL
09:30 BREAK
Chair: Jerome Lodewyck
09:50 New (2021) CCTF recommended frequency values Helen Margolis, NPL
10:20 Optical clock contributions to TAI Marco Pizzocaro, INRIM
10:50 BREAK
Chair: Helen Margolis
11:40 Overview of the Time and Frequency Over Optical Networks (TiFOON) project Jochen Kronjäger, PTB
12:10 Time and frequency services via optical fibre networks for European science Tara Liebisch, PTB
12:40 Closing remarks Helen Margolis, NPL
12:45 BREAK
13:00 Discussions and posters in Gather.Town