Scatterometry for in-line optimization of polymer injection moulding

Deterministic nanostructures help to ensure that surfaces have the desired optical, mechanical or bio-interface properties. Nanoimprinting methods – adapting polymer injection moulding or roll-to-roll embossing – enable low-cost addition of nanostructures to products and are a key focus of the MetHPM project.

A portable spectroscopic scatterometer for characterization of nanostructured surfaces was constructed at consortium partner DFM, the Danish National Metrology Institute in MetHPM and the Eurostars project E9745- SuperLens. This scatterometer was tested at an injection moulding production line at DTU Danchip, Lyngby, Denmark using a nanostructured shim fabricated by industrial consortium partner NIL Technology, at Lyngby, Denmark. The scatterometer enabled real time feedback on the moulding quality of injection moulded polymer structures. This can potentially increase the speed and efficiency of injection moulding production by providing in-line optimization of the moulding parameters and reducing scrap rates.

Injection moulding is used to create polymer items with imprinted nanostructures…

…such as regular gratings for optical effects created using technology from NIL Technology.

DFM has produced a portable spectroscopic scatterometer for characterization of nanostructured surfaces…

…and used it in field trials to demonstrate real time process feedback for moulding quality.




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