Four pilot studies will be carried out within this project, addressing the following properties:

A. The detection efficiency of a single-photon detector:

(i) At 850 nm, on a free-space (i.e. not fibre-coupled) detector;

(ii) At 1550 nm, on a fibre-coupled detector.

 B. The Glauber second-order auto-correlation function of a pseudo single-photon source (i.e. attenuated laser):

(i) At 850 nm;

(ii) At 1550 nm .

These pilot studies are preparation for formal comparisons which will demonstrate the degree of equivalence between measurements perfomed at different National Metrology Institutes.
Comparison A.(i) is being executed first, under the auspices of Taskgroup11 ‘Single-Photon Radiometry’ of the CCPR (Consultative Committee on Photometry and Radiometry) Working Group on Strategic Planning.
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