ETSI – ISG – QKD (European Telecommunications Standards Institute – Industry Standards Group – Quantum Key Distribution)

ETSI is the Chief Stakeholder of this project
ETSI is interested in the efforts of MeTISQ Consortium to develop new measurements tools, instruments and methods which can be used to test QKD systems, and to provide a substantial contribution to the development of traceable methods and protocols for characterisation of assembled QKD modules (i.e. transmitter and receiver) and for active QKD components, in line with ETSI documents and needs.
Members of the MeTISQ consortium participate in bi-annual meetings as well as monthly meetings of this Industry Standards Group.
They are currently contributing to the documents on:

ISO/IEC JTC-1/SC 27 WG3 (International Organisation for Standardisation – International Electrotechnical Institute

This Joint Technical Committee is interested in developing standards for Information security, cybersecurity and privacy protection
Members of the consortium attend regular meetings of this Working Group
They are currently contributing to the drafting of “Security requirements, test and evaluation methods for quantum key distribution”, ISO/IEC 23837-1 and 23837-2


Within CEN CENELEC there is a focus group on quantum technologies. The Focus Group was set up to facilitate the interaction between relevant stakeholders interested in identifying standardisation needs in the field of Quantum Technologies. The group recommends further actions to ensure that standards support the deployment of such technologies in industry.
Members of the consortium attend monthly meetings.
This activity inputs to the development of new standards via the following documents:

  • Standardisation roadmap for quantum technologies
  • A chapter in a report on quantum communications
  • Standardisation of colour centres in solids
  • Standardisation for single and entangled photon sources and detectors​
  • ​Paper on Towards European Standards for Quantum Technologies

CEN and CENELEC Joint Technical Committee

The CEN and CENELEC Joint Technical Committee 22 (CEN/CLC/JTC 22) aims at developing standards relevant to quantum technologies. European experts are invited to contact their National Standards Body (NSB) or National Committee (NC), and contribute to this standards development.

The CEN/CLC/JTC 22 committee, founded in 2022, builds upon two deliverables from the CEN and CENELEC Focus Group on Quantum Technologies (FGQT, 2020-2023): Standardization Roadmap on Quantum Technologies, and Quantum Technologies Use Cases. The CEN/CLC/JTC 22 will produce standardization deliverables in the field of quantum technologies. This field includes quantum enabling technologies, quantum sub-systems, quantum platforms & systems, quantum composite systems and applications.

NMIs from the MeTISQ group contributed to the Standardization Roadmap on Quantum Technologies: CEN CENELEC FGQT Q05 Quantum Technologies Use Cases – Release 1