Secure communications in quantum networks, October 2022

Technical seminar held at INRIM (Turin) by Eleni Diamanti, research director at the LIP6 laboratory of Sorbonne University, on “Secure communications in quantum networks”. Prof.  Diamanti discussed the current landscape in quantum communication and cryptography, illustrating how the recent advances in these fields enrich the resources and applications of the emerging quantum networks that will play a central role in the context of future global-scale quantum-safe communications.

Quantum 2022 Summer School on Quantum Optical Technologies, September 2022

The Summer School was organised by the Università degli Studi di Bari Aldo Moro (supported by the Regione Puglia) in conjunction with the Quantum Workshop, hosted biennially by a MetISQ partners. The lectures aimed to provided a theoretical and an experimental perspective of quantum optical technologies, quantum imaging and metrology,  quantum communication, computing and simulation to PhD, master students and young researchers.

Quantum Lectures, May 2022

Online workshop “Quantum Lectures 2022 – ad memoriam of Carlo Novero”. The workshop consisted of a short  series of keynote lectures given by distinguished scientists in the Quantum Foundations, Information and Metrology & Sensing fields.  A special issue collecting the contributions will be published on the Internal Journal of Quantum Information.