Scientists within NPL’s quantum photonics team performed independent assessment of various critical parameters of Toshiba’s Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) technology. These measured quantities are integral to the product’s security and have been validated to match expected values.  The assessment was performed within the H2020 OpenQKD project and was supported by research funded by EMPIR project MeTISQ. Additional informal is… Read More

Telsy and INRiM have collaborated to realise a system of trusted  node for quantum cryptography to develop Quantum Key Distribution (QKD).… Read More

MeTISQ consortium will be holding a special session on Quantum Communication as part of the Quantum 2023 Conference (10-15th September 2023, Turin, Italy). The consortium will be also contributing to a discussion panel about the “Round Table on Single-Photon Sources and Detectors Dictionary to Support the Emerging Quantum Industry“, organised by NIST and EMN-Q.… Read More

The 10th Quantum 2023 Conference, organized by INRIM, will be held on the 10-15th of September 2023 in Turin (Italy).  This international conference is aimed towards exchanging knowledge and expertise among leading physicists working in the interconnected fields of Metrology for Quantum Technologies and related enabling technologies.… Read More