Consortium partner David Cant (NPL) was selected as one of seven finalists to give a five-minute talk and present a poster for the Young Surface Analyst (YSA) awards at this year’s UK Surface Analysis Forum (UKSAF) summer meeting, held in University College Dublin on Friday 8 July. The presentation was titled ‘Calculation of Shell Thicknesses for Core-Shell-Shell… Read More

Project partner Caterina Minelli from NPL delivered a plenary talk at the IOP meeting ‘Nanoparticle Characterisation – Challenges for the Community’ and was member of the panel that led the discussion on the topic. The work performed at NPL in the nanoparticles’ characterisation area was also widely referenced by other presenters, which included Prof Richard Palmer… Read More

Project Partner Raul Garcia-Diez from PTB received the prize for the best contribution presented by a junior researcher at the ‘6th International Conference on Synchrotron Radiation in Polymer Science’ (SRPS 6) in Madrid  for his work on continuous contrast variation for the characterization of nanoparticles using SAXS, which forms the basis of the accurate number… Read More