Current methods used for the detection of long-lived radioisotopes are mainly laboratory-based techniques, which cannot provide on-site monitoring capabilities. Optical techniques, such as laser spectroscopy, on the other hand, have inherent on-site monitoring capabilities, as it can provide compact, transportable, and reliable instrumentation, while still achieving very high sensitivity. Cavity ring-down spectroscopy is one of… Read More

Distributed Strain and Temperature Sensors (DSTS) by optical fibres are quite promising methods for the long-term (a few decades typically) structure health monitoring.  As responsible operators, Andra and EDF are evaluating the feasibility to deploy such systems in their respective facilities:  prospective underground radioactive waste repositories in the one hand, and hydraulics facilities (dams, dikes,… Read More

The regular monitoring of air and water samples in and around civil nuclear sites (both active and during the process of decommissioning) and waste repositories is of key importance, both in terms of ensuring that any possible contamination resulting from leaks or spills is detected in a timely fashion and to satisfy the regulatory and… Read More

The facility for pre-selection and free release measurement of wastes for nuclear facilities will be installed, tested and calibrated on decommissioning site during the course of this project. The facility is based on 4 plastic scintillating detectors for pre-selection of wastes, and 4 germanium detectors with mechanical cooling for free release measurement. The whole facility… Read More

Accurate measurement of radioactivity in waste materials has an important role to play in the decommissioning of nuclear sites, as it enables site operators to dispose of waste in compliance with the regulations. The determination of alpha- and beta-particle emitting radionuclides in decommissioning materials is one of the critical points of material characterisation in this… Read More

The aim of this task is to evaluate and validate the performance of three different radioactivity mapping systems based on gamma, alpha and dose emissions. Validation takes place in nuclear decommissioning sites or simulated nuclear environments. The gamma mapping system consists of a GAMPIX camera which will be validated on its quantitative performance on the… Read More