27-28 November 2019

The 16ENV09 MetroDECOM II project addresses the needs of the nuclear decommissioning process by the development and implementation of new measurement techniques, instruments, standards and reference materials, and by ensuring knowledge transfer to stakeholders.

The 2nd MetroDECOM II stakeholder workshop took place at the European Commission, Joint Research Centre, in Ispra in Italy on 27-28 November 2019.

The purpose of the workshop was to facilitate a dialogue among stakeholders, authorities, industrial operators, manufacturers of measurement devices and project partners from European national metrology institutes, agencies and industrial companies.  The workshop was shared via video conferencing with different sites of European Commission including DG ENER and JRC in Karlsruhe and Brussels.


The workshop had presentations from the four scientific work packages of MetroDECOM II. In addition a special session was dedicated to stakeholders from the European Commission and decommissioning operators.

The selected presentations included:

  • a description of the nuclear decommissioning programme on the JRC Ispra site
  • EU training and education efforts in nuclear decommissioning metrology of students and young professionals
  • implementation of a national decommissioning programme by the specific example of Slovakia
  • issues related to the safeguarding of the back-end of the fuel cycle from the perspective of Euratom safeguards.

On the 2nd day of the workshop, the participants were invited to a demonstration of the Waste Characterisation System (WCS) on the JRC Ispra site. The WCS is a key installation for the implementation of the MetroDECOM II scientific objective.