This one-day symposium, organised by the Analytical Division East Anglia Region of the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) and the National Physical Laboratory (NPL), will bring together academics, measurement experts, instrument manufacturers, nanomaterials producers and industries interested in their use and applications. Find out more and register online… Read More

The National Physical Laboratory (NPL) is now recruiting participants to a VAMAS inter-laboratory comparison on number concentration of colloidal nanoparticles. Nanoparticles are increasingly used in innovative products manufactured by advanced industries and provide enhanced, unique properties of great commercial and societal value. The measurement of number concentration of particles in colloidal suspension is of major… Read More

10 – 12 January 2017 The spICP-MS data analysis workshop took place at RIKILT Wageningen University & Research (Wageningen, The Netherlands), 10-12 January 2017. The workshop was organized by three European projects: NanoFASE, Innanopart, and NanoDefine. The theoretical and lab components of the workshop were designed for PhDs and researchers from academia, industry and measurement… Read More

Consortium member Alex Shard was selected as guest editor for a special issue of the journal ‘Biointerphases’ focussed on the properties and measurement of nanoparticle interfaces. Such interfaces play a critical role in the development of new medical diagnostics and treatments. Consortium members NPL and BAM as well as many Innanopart collaborators contributed papers to… Read More

29 – 30 November 2016 This two-day meeting engaged academic and industrial users of the differential centrifugal sedimentation (DCS) technique in a lively scientific discussion about application, theory and new developments of the technique, with an opportunity for training and sample testing by experts. This meeting brought  together the academic and industrial community of DCS users… Read More

NPL’s Caterina Minelli delivered the invited talk in the “Advances for Complicated Sample Preparation Strategies” session at the 63rd meeting of the American Vacuum Society (AVS), where she discussed the current challenges in particle measurements. The talk was well received, sparking further discussion in the audience, including Innanopart collaborators, which highlighted the urgent need for further guidance… Read More

The Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) of Taiwan is consulting NPL’s Caterina Minelli to develop measurement methods for nanoparticles in wastewaters from the manufacturing plants of the semiconductor industry. Health and environmental concerns for such particles are motivating ITRI to tackle the significant challenge of measuring nanoparticle concentrations below 1000 nanoparticle/mL for nanoparticles with size… Read More

Consortium partner David Cant (NPL) was selected as one of seven finalists to give a five-minute talk and present a poster for the Young Surface Analyst (YSA) awards at this year’s UK Surface Analysis Forum (UKSAF) summer meeting, held in University College Dublin on Friday 8 July. The presentation was titled ‘Calculation of Shell Thicknesses for Core-Shell-Shell… Read More

Project partner Caterina Minelli from NPL delivered a plenary talk at the IOP meeting ‘Nanoparticle Characterisation – Challenges for the Community’ and was member of the panel that led the discussion on the topic. The work performed at NPL in the nanoparticles’ characterisation area was also widely referenced by other presenters, which included Prof Richard Palmer… Read More