Increasingly, developers of software are looking to organisations such as National Measurement Institutes (NMIs) to provide independent verification of their software to help increase the confidence of both developers and users in the software.

EMRP project NEW06 TraCIM developed a framework for the verification of mathematical software, i.e. software that implements mathematical calculations, used within metrology. The¬†framework comprises three elements: specifications of computational aims; reference pairs (comprising reference input and output data); and an information communications technology (ICT) infrastructure, referred to as the ‘TraCIM system’.¬†EMRP JRP NEW06 had a primary focus on software developed by manufacturers of coordinate measuring machines.

While EMRP NEW06 TraCIM had a focus on metrology software, with a particular emphasis on software developed by manufacturers of coordinate measuring machines, the framework is applicable to all mathematical software, i.e. from any domain, for which the reference pairs approach is applicable.

The aim of the ValTraC project is to allow both developers and users of software development and analysis tools to benefit from the outputs of EMRP NEW06 TraCIM, irrespective of the domain within which the tools are used. This aim will be addressed by providing demonstration TraCIM software verification services for a number of mathematical calculations, along with guidelines on the use of such services.

The primary supporter of the project is National Instruments

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