The EMPIR TiFOON (Time and Frequency Over Optical Networks) project held a highly successful stakeholder workshop on 9-10 February 2021. More than 100 participants from a broad range of backgrounds heard an informative series of presentations from experts in industry, academia and research. A discussion session at the end of each day collected feedback and ideas from the participants, addressing 4 questions:

  • What applications are likely to benefit from high-performance T&F dissemination over fibre links, and when will they need it?
  • What dissemination methods and network types would be most suitable to meet the needs of these applications?
  • What steps are needed to enable high-performance fibre T&F dissemination methods to be set up and operated?
  • What should the TiFOON project do to support this process?

The ideas collected during those discussions have been summarised in a document that can be downloaded here (also available through Publications).