Please note that this workshop has been postponed as a result of the covid-19 situation. We are aiming to reschedule it for early 2021 but please check this website for updates as the circumstances evolve.

A two day workshop examining state of the art and future developments and applications in dissemination of time and frequency over optical fibre networks. (Free including lunch).

Two international consortia working on the EMPIR projects ‘TiFOON: Time and Frequency Over Optical Networks’, and ‘WRITE: White Rabbit Industrial Timing Enhancement’ are hosting a workshop for research, measurement and industry specialists. The projects will present on their current aims, research and development, along with presentations on associated topics by other research, measurement service, and industry speakers. The teams seek to gain extra insight and direction from their wider community, and this will be a stimulating workshop, with plenty of time for discussion on key questions and topics for debate, sharing of further ideas, and exploration of potential applications of these developments to research and industry.

The link below will enable you to register for either or both days of the workshop, and more information will be shared as details are confirmed.

Day 1:  24 March
Developments in the simultaneous dissemination of both time and frequency over optical fibre networks at the highest levels of performance: the context for, purposes and aims of project TiFOON. Range of talks including ideas and areas for further research
Includes lunch and hosted Q&A and discussion

Day 2:  25 March
Developments in time dissemination for industry, academia and research using the White Rabbit protocol: the context for, purposes, developments, achievements to date for Project WRITE. Range of talks on calibration techniques and dissemination of UTC for Industry, including ideas and areas for future applications within industry.
Includes lunch and hosted Q&A and discussion

We recognise that the project will benefit from continued engagement from areas that are interested in the development and future potential for this work. In addition to meeting the partners involved in the project there will be the opportunity to join the wider stake-holders network for these projects and participate in future network meetings to keep informed of progress in this exciting area.