The project will:

  • use traceable reference standards developed in EMRP project ENG54 Metrology for biogas to produce a report on the evaluation of industrial laboratory capabilities for the measurement of total silicon concentration and total sulphur concentration in biomethane.
  • publish the findings of the industrial laboratory comparisons in a relevant biogas trade publication (e.g. Bioenergy Insight) or in an open access peer reviewed journal (e.g. Metrologia, Measurement Science and Technology, Biomass & Bioenergy) and further disseminate the output at conference(s).
  • host a series of webinars on best practice sampling and analysis of total silicon and total sulphur concentration in biomethane.
  • raise the awareness of standards EN 16723-1 and EN 16723-2, through conference presentations and articles in relevant industrial publications.
  • provide input to ISO working group ISO/TC193/SC1/WG25 Biomethane.