Work package 1

High Accuracy Static Primary Reference Standards

  • Develop traceable NO2 reference standards with unprecedented levels of uncertainty and stability with fully characterized impurities
  • Develop novel methods to supress impurity formation

Work package 2

Dynamic methods for calibration of low amount fractions and dissemination to monitoring stations

  • Develop high accuracy traceable dynamic standards of NO2 at low concentrations.
  • Demonstrate improved accuracy and comparability of direct NO2 measurements at monitoring stations.

Work package 3

Spectroscopic measurements of nitrogen dioxide and impurity analysis

  • Develop methods to quantify main impurities in NO2 reference standards.
  • Validate NO2 selective spectroscopic methods and compare in the SAPHIR atmospheric simulation chamber at the World Calibration Centre for NOx.

Work package 4

Creating Impact

  • Rapid dissemination of new reference standards and measurement guidelines through direct involvement of representatives of key atmospheric monitoring communities.
  • Well coordinated with existing members of ACTRIS II and IAGOS communities ┬╗ contribute to efforts to improve reliability and traceability of NO2 measurements in Europe.
  • Knowledge transfer to support direct NO2 market (instrument manufacturers and speciality gas industry.)

Work package 5

Management and Coordination

  • The consortium combines high quality and relevant expertise from the NMI/DI community with that of the atmospheric monitoring community.
  • NPL is well experienced in managing large research projects and has a dedicated project management team that will play a key role in enabling a successful project.