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Dr Peter Aaen, PhD, SMIEE is a Reader in Microwave Semiconductor Modelling at the University of Surrey, a position that he recently accepted after spending 15 years in industry where he was employed by Motorola and Freescale Semiconductor Inc. For the past 8 years he managed and led the RF Modelling and Measurement Technology Dr Aaen has extensive international management experience and a demonstrated track record in the modelling and characterisation of microwave devices.  His areas of expertise include calibration techniques for microwave measurements, development of package modelling techniques, passive and active compact models for the design of microwave power transistors and RFICs, and efficient electromagnetic simulation and optimisation methodologies for complex packaged environments. His current work focuses on the development and validation of multi-physics based modelling methodologies for high-power and high-frequency electronic devices. He is a Senior Member of the IEEE and is an active member of many technical committees including: IEEE Technical Committee (MTT-1) on Computer-Aided Design, technical program committee (TPC) of the IEEE Conference on Electrical Performance of Electronic Packaging and Systems (EPEPS), executive committee member of the Automatic RF Techniques Group (ARFTG), and the IMS TPRC sub-committee for CAD Algorithms and Techniques. Dr Aaen co-authored Modeling and Characterization of RF and Microwave Power FETs (Cambridge University Press, 2007)

Dr Tim Brown CEng, PhD, MIET, MIEEE is a senior lecturer in RF, Antennas and Propagation in ICS and has a wide experience of RF test and measurement in several frequency bands. Prior to his post as an academic from 2004-2007, Tim was an assistant research professor at Aalborg University, Denmark and has actively contributed to research in design, testing and evaluation of mobile terminal antennas.

Dr James Kelly is a Lecturer in Microwave Antennas at University of Surrey. He has published 70 peer reviewed academic papers. His research focus is on small antennas for portable device applications as well as reconfigurable microwave antennas and filters. He also has experience in the area of metamaterials, material characterisation, and UWB antennas. He holds a European patent on reconfigurable antennasSelected Publications