A successful final stakeholder meeting for the IMPRESS 2 project was held earlier this month. Project Co-Ordinator Rod Robinson (NPL) took the stakeholders through an introduction to the project, and this was followed by presentations on WP1 by Marc Coleman (NPL); WP2 by Isaline Fraboulet (INERIS), Francesca Hugony (ENEA), Ville Ulvila (VTT), Guillermo Guarnizo (UC3M); WP3 by Marcel Workamp (VSL), Thomas Smith (NPL), Stanislav Knotek (CMI), Gabriele Migliavacca (ISSI), Francesco D’Amato (INO-CNR) and WP4 by Rod Robinson and Marc Coleman.

After the workpackage presentations and discussions, there was further discussion with the stakeholders regarding the output of the project and future opportunities.

You can watch detail from the meeting above. The presentations from the meeting are available from our Documents & Publications page.