Gabriele Migliavacca of project partner ISSI (Innovhub – Stazioni Sperimentaliper L’Industria) has been interviewed on Italian national TV (RAI 3) where he explains how the dilution chamber works;  VID-20200204-WA0000.mp4

Within the activities of the project, a dilution chamber method has been compared to a dilution tunnel and heated filter plus impinger method.

Online and offline SVOCs (Semi-Volatile Organic Compounds) determination methods have been applied to a wood log stove and a pellet stove each on a sampling platform. Four measurement campaigns have been performed on wood and pellet stove simulator facilities and two large data sets are being prepared, the first comparing a dilution chamber built under the project to heated filter and dilution tunnel methods for measuring condensable and solid PM, the second comparing the same dilution tunnel to alternative proposed methods for SVOC measurement.

Measurement methods developed from knowledge from these data sets will be written into protocol documents for SVOCs, OGC (organic gaseous carbon), PAHs (polyaromatic hydrocarbons) and PM (particulate matter), which will be passed to applicable working groups for promulgation. The results of the comparison will be presented in a peer reviewed paper.

For more information, visit our page on WP2: Biomass Combustion Emissions Measurement.  For further reading, please see our M27 Publishable Summary.