Francesco D’Amato of project partner CNR (Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche) recently had a letter published in the January 2020 edition of the monthly Informatore, magazine of COOP (page 30) – a chain of supermarkets in the Tuscany region of Italy. The magazine looks at many subjects, including environmental topics.

In the November 2019 issue a manufacturer of pellets, besides describing the economic advantages of this fuel, claimed that “it produces less fine dust, with respect to other fuels”. In his letter to the editor, D’Amato makes it clear that this statement is definitively wrong, as methane, and even diesel fuel, are more environmental-friendly with respect to wood.

The Editor openly published the letter by D’Amato (Senior Researcher and responsible for the Group for Spectroscopy and Photonics at the Environmental Research and Earth Studies for CNR) as a response to the pellet manufacturer claim in November 2019, citing the work of IMPRESS 2, general features around the topic and the regulation in force in northern Italy about biomass domestic combustion.