Jes Sig Andersen of project partner DTI (Danish Technological Institute) recently provided a presentation on the project to the CEN/TC295 Working Group 5.  The results Jes presented are from the measurement campaigns that occurred under WP2; measurement of PM respectively SVOC by means of the Dilution Chamber developed by Innovhub and ENEA, in parallel with other methods by the four partners; RISE, INERIS, ENEA/Innovhub and DTI.

The presentation; Development of a new particle measurement method for characterization of Residential Wood Combustion is available to download here and also from our Documents and Publications page.

The European Committee for Standardization (CEN) is one of three European standardisation organisations in the European Union. Within the CEN, standards are drafted by Technical Committees (TCs) of particular scope on the basis of national participation by the CEN members, i.e. the National Standardization Bodies of the European Union member states and some additional European country.

TC 295/WG 5 looks at the development of measurement methods for use in test procedures with regards to residential solid fuel burning appliances.