Jean Polleau of project partner INERIS recently organized a session for the “Salon de l’analyse industrielle” exhibition at La Défense, Paris on the 5th February. All the major French analysers and manufacturers were present as well as plant operators.

The presentations (in French), Emergence de nouvelles méthodes de mesures de référence automatiques – quel processus pour sa mise en application? – équivalence avec les méthodes manuelles / Emergence of new automatic standard reference methods – what is the process for its implementation? – equivalence with manual methods and Adéquation des méthodes de mesure des polluants à l’émission vis-à-vis des Valeurs limites d’émission et incertitudes requises / Relevance of the measurement methods of pollutants related to ELVs and required uncertainties are available here, and also over on our Documents and Publications page.