Guillermo Guarnizo of project partner UC3M will be providing a poster presentation of the IMPRESS 2 project at the forthcoming Industrial Methane Measurement Conference 2019, on 22nd & 23rd May in Rotterdam, NL.

Guillermo will be presenting Simultaneous identification and quantification of methane at stand-off distance based on hyperspectral MIR imager  Рa copy of the abstract is also available and can be found here.

Methane is a potent greenhouse gas and has a significant impact on global climate change. However, the persistence of methane in the atmosphere is much shorter than carbon dioxide, so initiatives to lower methane emissions are likely to be effective more quickly. It is therefore vital that methane emissions are reduced in the near-term, facilitated by accurate and reliable measurements.

However, it can be challenging for industry to keep pace with evolving regulations and increasingly sophisticated techniques available to industry to monitor emissions.